Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement Scavenger Hunt for Grades 3-5


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  1. What did Martin Luther King’s parents do for a living?

  2. When and where was he born?

  3. What was Martin Luther King’s real name and when did he become known as Martin

  4. Where did Martin Luther King go to college and how old was he when he started college?  

  5. Who did Martin Luther King marry and how old was he when he married?

  6. Who was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man? Why was this so important for the Civil Rights Movement? 

  7. Visit this photo gallery of black history. What 2 pictures do you find most interesting? Why? 

  8. What is the name of Martin Luther King’s first book? (hint it was written in 1958)

  9. Martin Luther King gave many pieces of advice to people. What do you think he is trying to say in this speech?

  10. In August, 1963, Martin Luther King gave one of his most famous speeches at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC? What do you think he is trying to say? Why do you think this speech was so important? 

  11. In 1964 Martin Luther King won a very important award. What was it and why do you think he deserved it? What did he do with the money he won?

  12. Where and when was Martin Luther King killed?

  13. If you could ask Martin Luther King one question, what would it be?