New Hampshire History Virtual Field Trip
(Teacher Notes)

Essential Question: What factors have made New Hampshire into a very special state with strong-minded people, a good quality of life, and a high level of education?

On this virtual field trip, you will visit some of the state sites that will tell you about some of the inhabitants of this state - past and present and show how they lived with the challenges they faced: geographical and man-made.

First Stop: Pre-Historic New Hampshire - Look at this website The Guide to Indian Artifacts. Click on each of the 8 tools to get information about our earliest ancestors in NH. The Site Souvenir at the end is your chance to comment on what you see.

Second Stop: What was like at the time that New Hampshire was discovered by Europeans. Go to  Social Studies for Kids - answer these questions and fill in the site souvenir at the end of the stop.

Third Stop: Colonial New Hampshire. What was life like in colonial times?

Fourth Stop: Famous New Hampshirites. Why have the contributions of these New Hampshire residents been so important to history? Write a couple of sentences about each of these people.

Final Project: With your partner, design a poster that entices people to come to New Hampshire. Have at least one paragraph of information about:

The poster should be attractive, factually accurate, and appealing. (see the rubric)