Welcome to Lincoln Street School in Exeter, NH. Join us on this tour of the building; find out about the services we offer; see what kind of special programs we offer; and meet staff members who work with our children.


Mr. Bairstow is Lincoln Street School's new Principal. He works closely with our Assistant Principal, Ms. Smith, to lead the school and ensure a well-run and nurturing learning environment. Both of them can be frequently seen around the school speaking with students and staff.

lssambus Busses come through from Main Street School and drop off Lincoln Street students at the playground where they enjoy recess before school begins.  Recess is held before school, during the morning (or afternoon for grade three), and after lunch.  We go outside every day, unless the weather is unfavorable.

At the end of the day, students board busses for home.  Busses pick up students first from Main Street School and then proceed through the access road to Lincoln Street School.



Our cafeteria at Lincoln Street School is staffed by parent aides.    We have recently begun a breakfast program. Before and after school, day care is provided in the cafeteria for students who need it. 



The playground at Lincoln Street School is a very active place.  We have a large sports field, and recently replaced all the old playground equipment with some WONDERFUL new equipment.