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Mrs. Reeve's Geometry Page

United States Mint - games and much more

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Map Skills

Check out ideas from the US Census Bureau

Enchanted Learning brings you illustrated map terms


Simple Machines and Inventors

Great Science Experiments Online

Famous Inventors Scavenger Hunt

ThinkQuest has a great simple machine site with practical examples of simple machines

Lego Examples of Inclined Planes

Lego Wedges

Lego Screws

Franklin Institute Simple Machine Page 

Marvelous Machines  -  GREAT page of simple experiments with simple machines

Inventor’s Toolbox – be sure to go to the Gadget Anatomy and take the quiz AFTER you look at all the simple machines.


1. Read Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Burton and identify the simple machines within the book.
2. Read How Things Work by David Macaulay to find out how simple machines work.
3. Write an acrostic poem for a simple machine or for the complex machine that is student designed.
4. Write a description of your simple machine and how it works.
5. Write a research paper about how simple machines influenced history and how they might influence the future.
6. Write an e-mail letter to a scientist or a peer to discuss simple machines.
7. Look up definitions of the simple machines either in an encyclopedia or on the internet.



PBS Animal Adaptations Page

AllAboutNature has a great biome page with descriptions of all the biomes and information about the animals of each biome.

World’s Biomes

Scholastic's Website on Animal Adaptations and the Galapagos Islands

The Great Plant Escape - Learn about plants while solving a mystery.

Great site from NH Public Television Natureworks

Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School - this is MUCH more than just biomes!

Cool Science for Curious Kids from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

NH Wildlife

San Diego Zoo Animals

Plastic or Paper Webquest

Create a Zoo Webquest
Animals A to Z
Biomes and Ecosystems of the World

Find out about what children in England have done with their own study

CyberZoo's Key to Biomes

Earth on the Edge - find out why ecosystems are important and what we can do to protect them

Eco-Pros - fantastic page on the environment of the earth

NASA's Earth Observatory: Mission Biomes

EPA Page on Wetlands and Watersheds

Enchanted Learning Animal Information

Yahooligans Animal Site

Animals of the Desert

Oakland Zoo Animals – LOTS of facts

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Native Americans

Meet the First Americans – Explore the five cultures

Native American Shelters

Muscogee Native Americans from the Southeast

Twinglit Native Americans from the Northwest

Lakota Native Americans from the Plains

Iroquois Native Americans from the Northeast

Din’e (Navajo) Native Americans from the Southwest

Native American Page from a fifth grade class – see what they learned

Economic lesson about Wampum

Native American Games


European Immigration – NOTE if you get to a Thinkquest page, click on the picture for the quest and it will bring you to the topic.

Immigration Virtual Field Trip

Most European immigrants landed at Ellis Island. Find out about its history.

Scholastic Magazine has a great page on immigration

What the experience at Ellis Island and the crossing was like.

German Immigration

Irish Immigration

Italian Immigration

Polish Immigration

Another Polish Immigration to America

Russian Immigration


Black History
African American Virtual Field Trip

Alec's Primer WebSite

Check out this Virtual Underground Railroad Quilt

Scholastic Magazine invites you to meet the top ten African American Inventors

The History Channel has many biographies of African Americans

National Geographic Underground Railroad Site

Study questions for the National Geographic Underground Railroad Site


Nutrition – You are what you eat!

New Nutrition Scavenger Hunt

Clickable parts of the NEW food pyramid

Find out all about milk from

Find out all about what is in the Food Pyramid

Learn how to read Nutrition Labels

Learn how to eat right so you can play sports

Don’t forget to exercise!

Great Thinkquest on Nutrition


Solar System

Scholastic Page on space

Learn about the Solar System and Collect Cards by answering questions.

Discover the solar system with Small Planets

Enchanted Learning has an incredible Astronomy Page

Windows to the Universe

Hobby Space - check out this great site with info, games, and more