MLK Scavenger Hunt
Mr. Hanlon's Guide to Earth Science

Leonardo DaVinci


Abenaki Indians

Facts for Kids


EDM Math Sites
PBS Kids Equivalent Fractions
Interactive Math Games


Illuminations Math games


United States Mint - games and much more


Personal Safety, Drugs and Alcohol, AIDS, Reproduction, Respiration, and Circulation

LifeBytes has a great site with cool information about Safety, Drugs, and Alcohol, and more

Great Thinkquest on the Human Body and all its systems

Lesson Plans on Drug Abuse from the National Institute on Drug Abuse


Baseball History Sites


Another great site from the National Baseball League

History Channel


Volcanoes and Rocks and Minerals

Volcano Scavenger Hunt

Earth Layer Lesson from Volcano World

Volcano World – everything you wanted to know about volcanoes

Enchanted Learning has a great explanation of volcanoes.

NOVA explores the deadliest volcanos and learn what the Volcano SWAT team does.

Rocks and Minerals Page

Earth Shakers from Ms. Olms

Ms. Olm's Geology Websites

Plate Tectonics Lab


The Ear and Sound

Ask Earl about Ears

Ear Anatomy

Kids Health explains about the ear.


Electricity, Magnets, and Light

Our Electricity Page

Exploratium Science Snacks gives great ideas on magnet experiments



Weather Page on Floods created by 5th grade students

Take the Clouds Virtual Field Trip created by Mrs. Simard

Weather Extremes

WMUR Weather

Take the Weather Scavenger Hunt

Visit the Mt. Washington Observatory to get the latest state weather and get LOTS of great weather links.

StormStudy is a great site for studying about the the storms that are affecting our lives.

WeatherBug is a program that displays the current local temperature (and weather). There is a free version (with ads) and one that is a subscription.

WebWeather for kids

The Weather Dude

National Weather Service

Owlie Skywarn Page - lots of tips for staying safe

Dan's wild weather page


Weather and Kids

Weather Eye

National Weather Service Forecast Office

NOAA's Weather for kids

Planet Pal's Let's Weather Together Page

Weather Whiz Kids

Ben Franklin Institute Weather Page



Regions of the USA and Map Skills

Car Trip Through the USA - Virtual automobile trip across the USA

National Parks Webquest

State Chambers of Commerce

Internet Public Library site on the 50 states

Fifty Nifty United States – great starting point to find information about the states

Take the 50 States Scavenger Hunt

Library of Congress State Page

Fifty States Games

State by State Census Data for Kids

Census Data where you can select cities and counties

Ben's Guide to Government

 Historical US Landmarks

NH History and Geography

NH History Virtual Tour

NH County Webquest

NH Webquest printout 1

NH Webquest printout 2

NH Tourism Page

Ski New Hampshire

Famous New Hampshire People Page

Seacoast NH Famous People Page

Famous NH people page from the Windham School District

Famous NH people page from the Monadnock School District

Jobs and Life in Colonial Times

The NH Almanac

Our NH Guide from the NH Public Television folks

NH Historical Society

State by state, county by county, and city by city census data