Aztec WebQuest

Ecology Cycles


EDM Math Sites
PBS Kids Equivalent Fractions
Interactive Math Games


Illuminations Math games


United States Mint - games and much more

Interactive Math Games

My Math Hero


Middle Ages

Middle Ages Resources
Ms. Rossetti's Medieval Page


European Explorers

Columbus page on Discoverer's Web-Lots of great links on discovery 
1492: An Ongoing Voyage-
Library of Congress Exhibit with links
Discoverers Web
- links to just about every explorer you can think of.
History Channel 
Zoom Explorers-
Some Before and Some After 1900
Age of Exploration Resources from a fifth grade teacher

Marco Polo

Webquest on Spanish Explorers 

Ms. Olm's List of European Explorer Websites


Historical US Landmarks

Thirteen Colonies

Colonial Williamsburg Field Trips Login is past and the password is isalive  - NOTE: use all lower case letter

History is Alive

Smithsonian Institute's Primary Source Page

Virtual Field Trip of the colonies

Social studies for kids looks at the colonies

13 Colonies - click on your colony

Colonial America - K-12 resources

Early America from the cybraian

Colonial and continental currency

A colonial list of websites

Colonial Family and Community

Thinkquest on Colonial Life

Great Student Created site on Colonial Trade

More information about the colonies - be sure to check out the links below

Map of the 13 colonies

America’s Stories – Meet American heroes and find out how the US was settled

Children's Lives in Colonial Times

You be the Historian – see what life was like for colonists in Delaware.

Find out about Black American's experiences in Delaware and surrounding states

Fort King George of Georgia

James Oglethorpe of Georgia

Boston Freedom Trail

Plimoth Plantation - find out about early settlers and the Native Americans who lived in the region.

Facts about Massachusetts Colonization

NH History

Life in New York Colonial Times

Pennsylvania's Colonial Experience

William Penn and the Quakers

Meet the Daggetts of Colonial Connecticut

Follow the history of a house in Ipswich, MA – Meet the Choates who lived here in colonial times

Early American Paintings – What clues do they give you about life?


American Revolution

Follow the history of the house in Ipswich during Revolutionary Times

History of Battles told from the British Perspective -

Find out what these fifth graders thought was important about the American Revolution.

Loyalty or Liberty – Read about the causes of the Revolution and gather clues to help you decide which side you are on.


Civil War and Reconstruction

Meet the Caldwells who lived in the Ipswich house during the Anti-Slavery Movement

What was it like for African-Americans during the Reconstruction?
Causes of the Civil War-includes many documents from the Secession Period of 1859-1861.
Valley of the Shadows-be sure to check out John Brown and the Valley of the Shadow. This can help provide understanding about the causes of the Civil War.
Lincoln's Election-more on the election of 1860, focusing on Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln Online-includes speeches, writings, and resources about Lincoln.
Presidential Sites Page-links to web sites for all US presidents.
Poetry and Music of the War Between the States-discover what Civil War era music and poetry can tell us about both sides' ideals and beliefs. This site takes a long time to come in and you need Real Audio.
Freedmen and Southern Society Project-learn about the daily life of a slave.
Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History-includes biographics and information on political and social events.
Historical, Social, Economic, and Demographic Data-extracts information from national censuses from 190 to 1860 on many Southern subpopulations such as whites, slaves, and free blacks. Includes informaion on property and wealth.
Modern History Sourcebook: Sojourner Truth-first person accounts of Sojourner Truth's famous 1851 speech. Also information about role of women during Civil War.
Third Person, First Person: Slave Voices from the Special Collections Library-research not only slavery, but also Civil War soldiers and women.
Civil War Photos-fabulous collection of original war photos from Library of Congress.
American Civil War Resources-another great index.
Lesson Plan: The Civil War-has great suggestions for teachers.
Civil War Clip Art and lots of interesting games and info for kids.
Jewish participation in the Civil War
Timeline of Civil War Events with brief explanations


Health, Puberty, and AIDS

KidsHealth.Org is a no-nonsense great simple explanations for almost any health issue.

Take the Kids Health Scavenger Hunt

Lifebytes - Health page from the United Kingdom




Chemistry Scavenger Hunt

The Periodic Table Page - This page has links to elements, their properties, uses, and history.

Mirror Molecules

The Atoms Family

Mendeleev patterns of chemistry from Mrs. Scherer

LennTech Periodic Table Page

Fireworks Chemistry - Yes it is chemistry!!


Animal Life and their Biomes
Scholastic's Website on Animal Adaptations and the Galapagos Islands

 NHPTV Wildlife Journal Junior

Great site from NH Public Television Natureworks

Ecology Sites
Animal Life Page
Biomes and Ecosystems of the World

Find out about what children in England have done with their own study

CyberZoo's Key to Biomes

Earth on the Edge - find out why ecosystems are important and what we can do to protect them

Eco-Pros - fantastic page on the environment of the earth

NASA's Earth Observatory: Mission Biomes

EPA Page on Wetlands and Watersheds

Lighting up the Sea - bioluminescent organisms



Weather Page on Floods created by 5th grade students

Take the Clouds Virtual Field Trip created by Mrs. Simard

Weather Extremes

WMUR Weather

Take the Weather Scavenger Hunt

Visit the Mt. Washington Observatory to get the latest state weather and get LOTS of great weather links.

StormStudy is a great site for studying about the the storms that are affecting our lives.

WeatherBug is a program that displays the current local temperature (and weather). There is a free version (with ads) and one that is a subscription.

WebWeather for kids

The Weather Dude

National Weather Service

Owlie Skywarn Page - lots of tips for staying safe

Dan's wild weather page


Weather and Kids

Weather Eye

National Weather Service Forecast Office

NOAA's Weather for kids

Planet Pal's Let's Weather Together Page



Great Mythology Site

Mythology Scavenger Hunt

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