Lincoln Street School

Exeter, NH 03833


J. Andrew Bairstow


Jan L. Smith                                Renee Bennett

Assistant Principal                Special Education Administrator


October 26, 2015

Dear LSS Families,


    This past August the NH State Legislature passed a law, RSA 189:68, to provide teachers with the same level of information protection and privacy afforded to students.  The statute prohibited a school from recording a classroom for any purpose without school board approval after a public hearing, and without written consent of the teacher and the parent or legal guardian of each affected student.  This law does not affect recordings outside of a classroom setting. Recordings are considered to be audio or video recordings.  Still photos are not considered to be recordings.  

    Since the passage of that law we have been very careful to not engage in recordings in classrooms until we had the required school board hearing held last week on Tuesday, October 20th.

  Please know that there are many important reasons why educators would use or allow the use of recordings in classrooms. Some of these valuable uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording a speech therapy session to evaluate a student’s progress;   

  • Creating a video presentation as part of an academic class;

  • Videotaping student teachers for teacher education coursework;

  • Videotaping a drama class (play) or music class for instructional purposes

  • Using videos or audio recordings to assess academic growth with skills such as reading fluency;

  • Recording classes when students are absent or unable to take notes;

   We are sending this permission slip to all of our parents/legal guardians and are also providing it to all of our teachers to get permission to make recordings throughout the school year for instructional purposes.  Please complete the permission slip on the other side of this paper and indicate whether or not you give the school permission.  We appreciate your taking the time to complete this form.  



J.Andrew Bairstow, Principal