Lincoln Street School held their second whole school assembly on December 4th.  The purpose of these events is to foster a strong school community and to demonstrate and celebrate the many ways one can contribute to a positive community.


Mr. Matt Tufts was first on the agenda.  Matt, an alumni of Lincoln Street School, has volunteered his time and talents at Lincoln Street School for 17 years.  He has worked with Mrs. Noseworthy most recently.  Matt was presented a Beethoven statue and conducted fifth graders singing the song, “The Power of Music.”


After the goosebump inducing song was sung, 5th grader Jillian Ferguson, creator of CARES, and Ms. Smith distributed CARES awards.  CARES stands for Consistently demonstrates an A+ Attitude, be more Respectful, show Empathy and make our school a Successful caring community.  At the end of each academic quarter, teachers throughout the school nominate two students from each homeroom who consistently demonstrate the elements of the CARES program.  We are proud of our community minded students!


Through the next portion of the assembly, we celebrated students who earned “Caught Ya’ Cards”, students who were caught making good choices, we acknowledged the 64 students who participated in the Cross Country Club, and announced our participation in Mix It Up Lunch.  Four fifth grade students discussed the benefits of Mix it Up Lunch, where students sit in different locations with different classmates.


Finally, two murals, created by Exeter students, were unveiled.  The background of these murals is a long one!  As a part of a community project inspired by her participation in a Landmark program called "Self Expression and Leadership", Alexandra Allen, parent of a former Lincoln Street School (LSS) student, approached LSS teacher Keith Schmidt with a project that she hoped would inspire a group of students at LSS to experience what it means to "make a difference" in their community.




In collaboration with Mr. Schmitt, members of the 2014-2015 Student Council and additional 5th grade students - once a month for five months - gathered to pick and plan a project that would improve life at Lincoln Street School.  They brainstormed ideas, got feedback from their friends and family and in the end voted to create murals that would hang in the hallways - one that represented what made LSS special and one that connected to the mission or mantra of the school.  Through the planning the students learned about the 4 elements of project planning - Imagine, Recruit, Transform and Inspire.  They also built team and got to know students who they wouldn't otherwise hang out with on a daily basis.  


Over the summer LSS Art Teacher Ms. Wheeler-Bean was recruited by Alexandra to get involved with designing these murals.  Ms. Wheeler-Bean identified a few current students as well as LSS alumni to come together and take the student ideas and design the murals.  


On two dates in November a small number of the students originally involved during the 2014-2015 school year came together to paint the final murals.  

In the end - after a year of planning and work - these two murals will be unveiled during a school assembly in December - and hang on walls near the gym.  This project was originally titled "Ubuntu" - which is an African proverb that means "I am because you are, my humanity is tied to yours."  This was a 100% student driven and led project.  And one that brought the spirit of Ubuntu to life at LSS.