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Lincoln Street's Latest

A show for kids by kids


Lincoln Street's Latest is a new student news program made by LSS kids for the LSS community. The intent of this program is to provide options for LSS students and families to stay connected throughout the summer. It's this summer's coolest show made by YOU! 

share your voice.

If you want to be part of our next episode, go to news and share your voice! With over 13 student made categories to choose from, you can share your art, music, jokes, magic tricks, dances and so much more! We also have students interviewing other students about what they've been up to, their hobbies from Lego building to mountain biking and more. No video making experience necessary, instruction videos are provided and your imagination is the limit. 

Your Episodes
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Episode 7

Learn how to draw with Charlie, take on a plane challenge with Brooks and more!

Episode 6

Lila interviews Emma about her mountain biking and skateboarding, Amalia plays the piano and more!

Episode 5

Meet Mugsy, Brooks shares a greeting and more!

Episode 4

Aria plays the piano, Amalia interviews Blake and more!

Episode 3

Mae interviews the magician, Abby shares riddles and more!

Episode 2

Dylan shows us how to stretch, Rohan shares jokes and more!

Episode 1

Charlotte plays the ukulele, we meet a magician and more! 

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