Besides their teachers, there are many staff members that students will come in contact with during their daily activities at Lincoln Street School. Our Principal, Mr. Bairstow, and our Assistant Principal, Ms. Donnelly, lead the school and work closely with students and staff to ensure a well-run and nurturing environment. Their offices are located at the school's front entrance.

Main Office

Ms. Tizzard, Ms. Roe and Ms. Pikul, our school secretaries, also work in the main office, which is a busy place as they greet students, staff and visitors throughout the day. All visitors are required to sign in at the front entrance and wear a vistor badge. Please remember to sign out!

Health Office

Ms. Melissa Patten, our school’s attendance/Health Office Secretary. If a child is to arrive to school later than 8:30, or if a child will be absent, the parent MUST call 775-8863 prior to that time. If a call is not made, we will attempt to call home looking for the child. If no contact is made, the Exeter Police will help by driving over to the house to check on the child’s safety.

Ms. Manin is the school's nurse. She is not only trained in helping students who are sick or injured, she also assists with screening tests, dispensing medications, and providing information to students, parents, and staff members. If a child needs to take medication during school hours, parents need to call Ms. Manin office (775-8863) to get the required forms. Health forms may also be downloaded from the SAU16 website: Physician's Request for Medication Administration, Parental Form for Dispensing of Medication, and a Physical Form.

Guidance Office

Our school has a Guidance Counselor, Ms. Clifford, who visits with individual students and also works in our classrooms.


The Lincoln St. Library is the heartbeat of the school. There are many parents and volunteers who work in the library. Students enjoy listening to the librarian read stories, finding information on the computers, and browsing through books. They come here with their classrooms. At times Lincoln Street students come to the library on their own to do individual work.

Physical Education

We have a beautiful gymnasium at Lincoln Street School. Mr. Swiezynski and Mr. Dussol love to teach all kinds of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.


Ms. Wheeler-Bean is our Art Teacher. One of our favorite projects during the 2009-2010 school year was our Outdoor Classroom Project. We are very proud of it! Click here to see our work!


In Music, Ms. Noseworthy teaches all regular music classes for the school. Students in fourth (beginners) and fifth grade (second year and some beginners) may participate in band and receive instrumental lessons with Ms. Perriccio. We have many musical concerts throughout the year that you will enjoy!


Technology plays a big role at Lincoln Street School. All LSS classrooms have 10 ChromeBooks and students are instructed in using technology resources in their school work. Each student has a login for Google and uses the Suite of Google Apps in class. Their account is for school assignments and can be accessed out of school as well. There is a Chromebook Cart in the Tech Office that can be signed out to complement class computers when doing whole class instruction or activities with ChromeBooks. Teachers also partner up with neighboring teachers when they need additional computers. Ms. Tabet works with students and staff at both Main St. and Lincoln St. Schools. MSS classes have 4-5 ChromeBooks and can use the Multipurpose Room for whole class instruction. It is our hope that students will see technology will truly be integrated into our curriculum.