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Class Pages

Faculty & Staff Members at Lincoln Street School

Lincoln Street School Staff Contact Database Listing

Principal: Mr. J. Andrew Bairstow

Assistant Principal: Ms. Deanna Donnelly

Administrative Secretary: Ms. Angela Roe

Administrative Secretary: Ms. Jenny Tizzard

School Nurse: Ms. Mary Manin

Health Office Secretary: Ms. Melissa Patten

Media Specialist: Ms. Helen Burnham

Library Assistants: Bjorni Brown, Susan Moran

Technology Coordinator: Ms. Beverly Tabet

School Counselor: Ms. Christine Clifford

Director of Elementary Instruction: Ms. Julie Lambert

Secretary to Director: Susan Hutchins

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Grade Three Teachers

Ms. Mara Andriski

Ms. Ashley Chisholm

Ms. Serena Dagostino

Ms. Kim Gaudreau

Mr. Abram Keller

Ms. Dawn Peck

Ms. Tricia Poulin

Ms. Jen Harrington

Grade Four Teachers

Ms. Hallie Estle

Mr. Dan Hanlon

Ms. Lauren Leaver

Ms. Stacy Newman

Ms. Zoe Polychronopoulos

Ms. Katrina Pupino

Ms. Jennifer Roeder

Mr. Keith Schmitt

Ms. Darlene Shaheen

Ms. Cyndy Smith

Ms. Stephanie Varrin

Grade Five Teachers

Ms. Sandra Blumenthal

Mr. William Callahan

Ms. Elizabeth Jenkins

Ms. Joelle Kaufman / Ms. Albertelli

Ms. Carolyn Kemp

Ms. Cinda Motherland

Mr. Marc Robitaille

Ms. Amy Steinberg

Reading Teacher: Ms. Anna Bassett

Art Teacher: Ms. Deb Wheeler-Bean

General Music/Chorus Teacher: Ms. Sue Noseworthy

Instrumental Music/Band Teacher: Ms. Beverly Perriccio

Physical Education Teachers: Mr. Benjamin Swiezynski and Mr. Greg Dussol

English/Second Language: Ms. Susan Collins


Special Education Administrator: Ms. Renee Beauregard-Bennett, Ed. D

Special Education Secretary: Ms. Laurie Frysalis

Title I : Janice Bastille

Title I Secretary: Ms. Janet Moaratty

Tutors: Ms. Amy Murdy, Ms. Amy Vaillancourt

Special Education Teachers:

Ms. Sheila Allen-Harris

Ms. Jennifer Fudala

Ms. Johanna Autumn

Ms. Kelly Lawry

Ms. Deborah McConnell

Ms. Katelyn O'Donnell

Ms. Laura Smith

Ms. Mary K. Vogt

Psychologist: Ms. Tricia Raymond

LSS Speech and Language Webpage

Speech/Language Pathologist: Ms. Melissa Bishop

Speech/Language Pathologist: Ms. Kristine Croeber

Speech Aide: Ms. Lena Natola

Physical Therapist: Ms. Karen Holmblad

Occupational Therapist: Ms. Ann-Marie Pollock, Kim Cotoia

Teachers' Secretary: Ms. Christina Pikul

Playground Aides:

Ms. Judith Bernier

Ms. Lydia Hoyt

Ms. Jessie Schur

Cafeteria Aids:

Ms. Kristen Clark

Ms. Paula Wilber

Instructional Aides:

Ms. Cherie Bernard

Ms. Suzanne Bessemer

Ms. Kristin Boomhower

Ms. Tina Bruce

Ms. Maria Cameron

Ms. Julie Carmelia

Ms. Jodi Daigneault

Ms. Cynthia Davidson

Ms. Lynn Despelteau


Mr. Ralph Pynn

Ms. Janet Flodstrom

Ms. Andrea Foss

Ms. Pamela Hallett

Ms. Rose Hallett

Ms. Carol Hartley

Mrs. Jodi Haskell

Ms. Marney Kelley

Ms. Just Kirby-Macek

Ms. Andria Larcome

Ms. Nancy Mason

Ms. Maegan McCauley

Ms. Jessica Paquette

Ms. Jean Pesaresi

Ms. Lynn Pittendreigh

Ms. Amy Quel

Ms. Kathryn Rajchel

Ms. Cammie Savage

Ms. Pollyann Tatarczuk

Mr. Robin Vogt

Ms. Kathy White




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