Health Forms

Please ensure that all cell phone and emergency numbers are current when you complete the registration forms and are updated as changes are made throughout the school year.

Click on the following links to access the necessary forms. Print and return to the LSS Health Office. Please note that some forms require a healthcare provider’s signature.

  • Health Office Information Form: to be filled out at the beginning of each school year for each individual student. The school nurse will use this form and and it be housed in the health office for reference.

Physical Examinations and Health Screenings

Physical examinations of each student must be completed prior to or upon first entry into the public school system. If you already have a form on file in the health office, that is sufficient unless there are changes from the previous exam. Please submit an updated record if and when your child receives any new immunizations.

For more information about New Hampshire school immunization requirements, visit New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services HERE.