Student Support Services

Services for Students and Families

We have many services in place for students who have demonstrated need. Our Special Education department director is located within the school building, where there is at least one Special Education Case Manager at each grade level. We have a full time school psychologist, Speech Language Pathologists, a Seacoast Mental Health representative, and a contracted Occupational Therapist, as well as many paraprofessionals on staff.

Director of Instruction

We have a rigorous academic program at Lincoln Street School. Students are evaluated and carefully placed into the most appropriate classroom at each grade level. Student progress is closely monitored. We are very pleased with how our students perform on national and state testing. Our Director of Instruction, Mrs. Julie Lambert, works closely with teachers to provide students with challenging, stimulating learning experiences.


  • Our school has a Guidance Counselor, Ms. Clifford, who visits with individual kids and also comes to work in classrooms.
  • Email: cclifford@sau16.0rg
  • Office phone number: 603-775-8867

Title I

Please review our LSS Title I Page for more information.

Physical Therapy

Karen Holmblad is the PT specialist for both Main and Lincoln Street Schools. She employs many tools and strategies for students to help them with any physical problems that may interfere with their ability to learn. She coordinates carefully with special educators and is an important contact for many students. She also goes into classrooms and teaches "Brain Gym" which students love and practice.

School Psychologist

Trish Raymond, the Lincoln Street School psychologist, plays an active role in helping students who have any psychological needs. She works closely with Christine Clifford, the guidance counselor, and the special educators to make sure that students are able to work through any issues that interfere with their ability to succeed at school. She is also happy to work with parents. Her office is a great place for students who need her special skills.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Services at Lincoln Street School works with students who require assistance. They also offer instruction to whole classes and are very involved in classroom curriculum.

Special Education

Special educators at Lincoln Street School work closely with each other, teachers, and parents as they try to help all students during these important grades. Lincoln Street School is dedicated to providing each student with a solid set of skills they can use as they further their education.